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Getting Around

System Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions


FreedomFlix is an online resource that combines eBooks with reading supports and a deep and diverse collection of related videos, images, Web links, and text. FreedomFlix is based on the Cornerstones of Freedom print series published by Children's Press, an imprint of Scholastic Library Publishing. FreedomFlix is published by Scholastic Inc., with editorial development and content management provided by Scholastic Library Publishing.


Project Management

Hugh RoomePresident, Scholastic Library Publishing
Allison HendersonVice President and General Manager, Scholastic Library Publishing
Evan St. LiferVice President, Business Development, Scholastic Library Publishing
Joseph M. CastagnoSenior Director, Digital Products
Virginia Quinn McCarthySenior Director, Scholastic Digital Learning Solutions
Eileen SecchiProject Manager and Director, Quality Assurance


Irina BalakinaInternet Links Manager
Patricia BarrowsSenior Editor
Sara BoakAudio/Video Coordinator, Senior Copy Editor
Laurie BrearleySenior Editor
Karen FairchildEditor
Rosemarie KentEditorial Assistant
Scott MonjeSenior Editor
Patricia RaetherEditorial Production Supervisor
Ronald B. RothCopy Chief
Evelyn SamoréExecutive Editor
Darren SechristExecutive Editor
Janet Spinelli-DunnAssistant Editor
Barbara WinardSenior Editor
Matthew ZiemSenior Editor

Creative Services

Tone RuccioCreative Director
Gwendolyn RuizPhoto Researcher

Product Development

William BylerProduction Manager, Publishing Technologies
Raymond CaseyCMS Administrator/Senior Programmer
Cyndie CooperSenior Director, Publishing Technologies
Felicia DixonSoftware Engineer
Richard DyeSenior Software Engineer
Meghan O'Reilly FieroEditorial Content Manager
Nancy LaignerManager, Production Systems and Updates
Greg MandasDatabase Administrator
Diane PalmerSoftware Engineer
John PalmerSenior Software Engineer
Tom ReardonSenior Systems/Network Administrator
Todd ReiselManager, Software Engineering

Getting Around

Home, Browse, and Search

The FreedomFlix Home screen offers two browse options: a category browse and a thumbnail browse.

The ten categories, arrayed in the red bar at the top of the Home screen, are Ancient World, Colonial Era, Our Democracy, Westward Expansion, Immigration, Slavery and the Civil War, Economy, The 20th Century, Today's World, and War. Clicking on one of the categories accesses a drop-down list displaying all the FreedomFlix units in the category. Clicking on any of these brings you directly to the topic screen for that unit.

Alternatively, click on a thumbnail cover image from the flicker stream at the bottom of the Home screen to access the topic screen for that unit.

Search the site by entering a term in the search box at the top right of the Home screen.

To return to the Home screen, click on the link at the upper-left corner of any screen.

FreedomFlix Topic Screen

From each FreedomFlix topic screen, the user can gain access to all the elements related to that unit. These include a streaming video, an eBook, links to related content and related Web sites, a project idea; questions for discussion, and a quiz. Each of these elements is discussed below.


Click on either the "Watch It" button in the left column or the triangular button on the video player to launch a video that provides a short introduction to the unit's topic.


Click on either the "Read It" button in the left column or the eBook cover to access an eBook with audio options, custom pop-up features, a hot-linked table of contents, and vocabulary words identified and defined. Some of the eBook features are described below.

Related Content

Click on "Explore More" to bring up links to a wide range of related content for further research, including fiction, poetry, primary-source documents, and related articles from Scholastic GO.

Internet Links

Click on "Related Web Sites" to access editorially selected, age-appropriate Web links related to the topic.

Project Idea

Click on "Project Idea" to view a project that includes a research idea, project goal, and tips for getting started.

Discussion Questions

Click on "What Do You Think" to view one to three questions to guide reading or spark a classroom discussion.


Click on "Show What You Know" to proceed through a ten-question multiple-choice quiz on the FreedomFlix topic.

Educator Resources

Users who are logged in as educators will find a robust set of instructional tools for every FreedomFlix unit:

System Requirements

Click here for the latest system requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we be certain we meet the technical requirements for a home, school, or library?

Before you begin your subscription, please click on the following link to make sure every computer that will run FreedomFlix in a home, school, or library meets the necessary technical requirements: After you have completed this diagnostic checkup, you will be ready to begin using FreedomFlix on your computer.

How do we access FreedomFlix in our school or public library?

FreedomFlix is a subscription-based literacy resource for schools and libraries and may be licensed for both on-site and remote access. Various methods are used to authenticate these accounts at your district, school, or public library. If you are not fully aware of your network or Web infrastructure, please review this information with the head of your technology department before making your decision.

  1. IP Address: On-site access is most easily provided by authenticating the public IP address or address range (whichever is appropriate) unique to the subscribing institution(s).
  2. Secure Referring Web Page: If your institution maintains a Web site that includes a page accessible only to your students or library patrons (using student ID numbers, passwords, etc., maintained by you), you can place a link to FreedomFlix on that page and allow subscribers to access our service via that link.
  3. One-Time Password: If your institution shares IP addresses with nonsubscribing institutions and you do not have a secure referring Web page, we can connect you using the "one-time password" method. This method works well when one or more—but not all—libraries behind a proxy server elect to subscribe.

How do we set up remote access?

If you choose to subscribe to FreedomFlix with remote access, there is a variety of methods to make this literacy resource available to your students or patrons at home. You may already be using one of the methods below for other databases, including Scholastic GO or BookFlix. If you are not fully aware of your network or Web infrastructure, please review this information with the head of your technology department before making your decision.

  1. Secure Referring Web Page: If your institution maintains a Web site that includes a page accessible only to your students or library patrons (using student ID numbers, passwords, etc., maintained by you), you can place a link to FreedomFlix on that page and allow subscribers to access our service via that link.
  2. Remote Patron Enrollment: Remote patron enrollment is a method of access giving students or library patrons their own, one-time user name and password for remote access. The user name and password are delivered to their e-mail inbox after they enroll through a FreedomFlix sign-up page. After their first login, remote users will have direct access to the subscription.
  3. Library Card Authentication: Library card authentication for remote access can be established provided that library cards are issued with at least three common starting digits and a fixed total length. The licensed site must also have its own Web page.
  4. IP Assignment: If you have the ability to assign an IP address to your remote patrons (possibly through a proxy server), we can authenticate those IP addresses for remote access. Please remember that we need to know the IP addresses you are assigning even if they are already authenticated. They need to be coded for remote access to ensure that your usage statistics can be gathered accordingly.

What software and hardware are required to install FreedomFlix at home (remote access)?

Remote access to FreedomFlix requires a DSL, cable modem, or higher connection. FreedomFlix will not work with a dial-up connection. Browser and Flash requirements are the same for remote access as they are for home/school/library use.

Do I need to install FreedomFlix on our home's, school's, or library’s computers before children can access the program?

No installation of FreedomFlix is required. The only thing you might need to install is Flash version 9.x or higher.

Our school district has a secure firewall in place. Will I be able to use FreedomFlix?

To access FreedomFlix you should have ports 80 and 1935 open for best streaming video playback. Streaming will play through port 80 (which is the standard Web port) but playback is better with the additional port 1935 open.

You may also need to add,, and to your list of safe Web sites.

How large are the video and flipbook files? I’m not sure I have enough storage space to use FreedomFlix.

FreedomFlix uses streaming media, so there are no files to download to your computer or server.

I don’t want my students downloading files to our home, school, or library computers. How do I prevent them from doing this?

FreedomFlix uses streaming media, so there is no way children can download the files to your computer.


My user name and password do not work.

Please check your records carefully to ensure that you are entering the correct user name and password and that you are typing them using all lowercase letters. If the problem is not resolved, please call our customer service line at 1-888-326-6546.

I cannot access FreedomFlix. (I do not normally need to login to FreedomFlix with a user name and password.)

Any number of factors may temporarily affect your ability to access FreedomFlix. If you are experiencing such difficulties, we recommend that you consult the technical staff at your school or library first, to see if any of the factors listed below applies, then call (or have your technical supervisor call) our customer service line at 1-888-326-6546. We have specific solutions for each of these issues:

When I go to "Watch the Video," all I see is a white screen.

Your computer is missing the Flash plug-in. Download it for free at, follow the installation instructions, and relaunch your browser.

When I go to "Watch the Video," I can hear the audio, but I can’t see the video. How do I resolve this problem?

Right-click (or control-click) on the video and scroll to the bottom of the menu. There you will see which version of Flash you have installed. If you are using anything below Flash version 9, you will need to upgrade to a newer version. To update your version of Flash, go to This upgrade is free.

I can watch the video, but every so often it pauses and the progress bar stops. Why is this happening, and how do I resolve it?

Your network may be experiencing heavy traffic. Right-click (or control-click) on the video and select "Quality" from the menu. Changing this setting from "High" to "Medium" should decrease the number of pauses during playback.

The full-screen version of the video is blurry. How do I remedy this?

FreedomFlix automatically delivers a file that is optimized for your Internet connection speed. The full-screen option is a scaled-up version of this file and is intended mainly for classrooms or groups of several people watching at a distance. Take a few steps back from your computer, and the picture should appear fine.