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Welcome to FreedomFlix, the online resource that transforms content from the highly successful Cornerstones of Freedom series into enhanced eBooks. All the eBooks are supported with a deep and diverse reservoir of related content and primary sources featuring videos, audio, images, and text. FreedomFlix helps students hone literacy skills, build knowledge of important historical topics, and cultivate 21st Century Skills through the inquiry process. And FreedomFlix aligns to the Common Core Standards by featuring multiple text types and a cross-curricular, nonfiction focus.

Each FreedomFlix title includes the following elements:

  • Watch It: A streaming video that engages the student and introduces the topic. The video is strategically placed—and supported by reading research—to enable the student to build crucial background knowledge before accessing the book.
  • Read It: An eBook version of the Cornerstones book. The "book" has been transformed into a versatile digital resource enabling the student to exercise the nonlinear reading and viewing behaviors that we know take place with digital content. Each eBook contains:
    • Key vocabulary terms identified, defined, and read aloud.
    • Optional natural-voice read-along of all text, sidebars, and captions.
    • Strategically placed pop-up features that expand on the text and bring history to life. Each book contains five to nine of these features, which include primary-source video and audio, virtual tours, dramatic readings of letters and firsthand accounts, images, texts, and facsimiles of historical documents.
    • Hot-linked table of contents for fast, easy access to specific chapters and sections
    • Search function.
    • Bookmarking, highlighting, and note-taking ability for students who are logged in with a Digital Locker.
  • Explore More: Related content that provides opportunities for further research and reading across a variety of text types, including fiction, poetry, primary-source documents, and related articles from Grolier Online. This section also helps students with a key competency—gathering and synthesizing accurate and related information in one place—a crucial 21st Century Skill.
  • Related Web Sites: A carefully selected collection of related Web links to help further extend learning, broaden the content area, and promote further research.
  • Project Idea: Provides a project topic and goal, along with ideas or questions to kick-start research—perfect for a class activity or homework assignment.
  • What Do You Think?: One to three questions to guide reading or spark a class discussion. Each unit also displays an Essential Question to inspire an inquiry path.
  • Show What You Know: A 10-question multiple-choice quiz, based on important facts and events in the eBook. Teachers and librarians can use the quizzes as soft assessments to gauge a student’s understanding of the content.
  • Educator Resources: Users who are logged in as educators will find a robust set of instructional tools for every FreedomFlix unit:
    • Lesson plan with teaching activities tied to the specific unit. Every lesson plan includes strategies for anchoring knowledge by showing the video and previewing vocabulary; a small-group activity; tips for assigning the project; and ideas for teaching with the guiding questions. Lesson plans are correlated to state and national standards, including Common Core Standards.
    • Writing prompts that ask students to provide written responses to thoughtful open-ended questions. Four writing prompts are provided for each FreedomFlix unit, assessing comprehension as well as higher-order thinking. Rubrics for evaluating student responses are also provided.
    • Whiteboard activities that challenge students to order events on a timeline, place labels on a map, match a key person or event to its description, and review key vocabulary via an exciting team soccer match. These engaging interactivities provide opportunities for hands-on learning and review for the whole class or small groups. FreedomFlix videos and eBooks with read-along and other multimedia are also perfect for whiteboard viewing.

An annual subscription to FreedomFlix includes unlimited, 24/7 access, helping students master content-area knowledge in Social Studies at school, in the public library, and at home.

FreedomFlix in the School

  • Provides an in-depth, dynamic online resource for social studies
  • Promotes the instruction and acquisition of 21st Century information literacy skills
  • Helps beginning researchers plan, manage, and complete projects and assignments

FreedomFlix in the Public Library

  • Includes timely and engaging content that is accessible for all patrons
  • Provides digital tools for homework help and research
  • Supports the Common Core Standards and the school and home-school curriculum

FreedomFlix in the Home

  • Offers a first stop for engaging, accessible, leveled content-area information
  • Reinforces best practices in the development of 21st Century information literacy skills
  • Acts as a trusted home base for beginning researchers to complete projects and assignments